This Office is now closed.
(Dr Waldron has retired, for medical reasons).

Our patients will need to transfer their care to other Medical Providers. Most of you have three viable choices:

Choice #1: We have been consulting with two specific Board-Certified Psychiatrists, Kimberlee and Christopher Charles, who are in a position to work with a substantial number of new referrals from this office at their Office,
Psychiatry and Wellness of Reno.

If you prepare and return THIS FORM, which authorizes release medical information to that specific office, we will provide that information to them via fax.
You will still need to contact them in order to schedule an appointment, and you will still need to prepare their "new patient" forms. And also take note: Psychiatry and Wellness of Reno is not committed to accept any of the patients which I refer to them: "Acceptance" of a referred patient is up to them. They do not work with Medicare.

Choice #2: You may also request to become a patient with any other Psychiatrist. If that physician agrees to see you, then please have that office fax their "request for records" to our office fax (775-657-6129).
You may also use THIS GENERIC FORM, which authorizes release of our records to any generic medical office.

Choice #3: Some of you may also ask your Primary Care physician to “take over” management of your Psychiatric Medications. As with choice #2, if your Physician agrees to perform this treatment for you, have them send their request for records to our office by fax (775-657-6129), or use our "generic" form (above).

What about Medications Refills ?

I will continue to work with Dr. Waldron’s “emergency back-up” Physician to "re-fill" faxed-in prescriptions for several weeks into the future. Be sure to request prescription refills at your pharmacy, to be sent by fax to us, at least one week in advance of needing those prescriptions filled. Dr. Waldron's "emergency back-up" Doctor will not become your treating physician, under any circumstances, and may refuse to fill any prescription which seems 'inappropriate'.

This refill service will be terminated soon. You need to find a new Mental Health Care Provider as quickly as possible.

If you find yourself in any crisis situation: Call 9-1-1, without delay.

Sincerely yours, Rick Stockton
Former Manager, A.M. Waldron, MD